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Custom Drapery and Hardware

Custom drapery hangs elegantly across your windows, managing light and providing warmth and design. It’s an elegant and personal way to transform the look of your home. You select the fabrics, styles, and finishes of your choosing. Your selection of custom drapes with custom hardware, like curtain rods, can create a cozy or luxurious feel that fits your chosen aesthetic and makes your home like no one else’s.

When you’re in the market for custom drapery, visit Laura’s Draperies, Bedspreads, and More. Located near Norwalk, CT, we’ve served hundreds of satisfied customers over the last 31 years. We’ve helped locals find the drapery and drapery hardware that completes their homes, and we can do the same for you. Let us inspire you and add comfort to your home with custom drapery and hardware, such as curtain rings. Begin the transformation with custom drapery today.

Custom Drapery and Drapery Hardware Near Norwalk, CT

Selecting custom drapery and drapery hardware is a beautiful way to finish your home’s window treatments. Drapery adds to the effect and provides the opportunity to create a unique style while adding an extra layer for additional light control and privacy.

Custom Drapery Consultation

At Laura’s Draperies, Bedspreads, and More, we offer in-store consultations, web-based consultations, and in-home consultations. For your consultation, you should have the following on hand:
  • The measurements of your windows so we can give you an estimate once you select your fabric, curtain rods, and other drapery hardware. We will conduct professional measurements to ensure a perfect fit, but your measurements will give us a starting point.
  • Existing home décor items that complement the colors and styles you choose. You might bring in throw pillows, artwork, or a color sample of your flooring.
  • Samples of style elements you like from our previous work, magazines, or elsewhere. If you have pictures of the style elements or colors you like, it can help the process go more smoothly.
  • A list of the things you dislike, whether that’s patterned fabrics, certain finishes, like a valance, or specific colors. This is just as important as what you like to make your custom drapery selection go smoothly.
Custom drapes, tan in color, flowing in a contemporary bedroom near Norwalk, CT

Custom Drapery

Metal curtain rod holding a gray curtain in a room near Norwalk, CT

We have an enormous selection of fabrics for you to look through when choosing your custom drapery. Our selection includes thousands of fabric colors, patterns, and geometric shapes. You can select the fabric opacity, from sheer to room-darkening. You can also choose from several fabric types, including:

  • Wool 
  • Silk 
  • Polyester
  • Cotton
  • Muslin 
  • Brocade
  • Velvet

You may also consider the top and bottom treatments you like. Do you prefer side panels, which frame the windows and don’t close? Do you like the look of curtain rods? Would you prefer a valance to cover the drapery hardware?

Drapery Hardware

Along with the custom drapes, you’ll select custom drapery hardware. Drapery hardware provides the finishing touches. It completes the look of your custom drapery and can determine the functionality of your drapes. For instance, if you choose wall mounts, which are the most common choice above doors and windows, your drapes will be easier to open. Ceiling mounts are more dramatic because the fabric goes all the way up, but they can be harder to adjust.

Other drapery hardware considerations include:

  • Holdbacks, the decorative items that hold your draperies to the sides so light can shine in
  • Finish: Do you prefer bronze, steel, chrome, or wood?
  • Finials: Some curtain rods have decorative ends, and you can choose how you want yours to look.
  • Grommets, rings, and pins: The system used to hang your drapery

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Whether you want to create a stunning, cozy, or luxurious look, Laura’s Draperies, Bedspreads, and More can help you succeed. Our professionally trained staff can help you add the finishing touches to your home’s style and answer your questions.

Visit our showroom at 345 Main Avenue in Norwalk, CT, on weekdays between 10 a.m. and 5:30 p.m., or schedule an appointment for a Saturday. You can fill out our contact form or call us at (203) 847-2838. We proudly serve all of Lower Fairfield County and the surrounding areas, including Norwalk, Westport, Stamford, and Greenwich, Connecticut. Contact us today!

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